Krost Office Products: All Your Essentials in One Place

Make your office a vibrant, personalised space with modern accessories to help you achieve your goals. Krost Office Products offer a range of essentials to help you create a streamlined, organised office.

As the premier manufacturer and supplier of office accessories and allied products in South Africa, Krost Office Products has become synonymous with innovation, quality and style.

Their products are used to enhance the environment of any office. Ergonomics and comfort of use is a vital aspect of each design. The company provide a range of metal, wood, leather and plastic office accessories to suit your office and definitely your style.

Steel accessories:

Steel is durable and stylish in an office environment. Krost Office Products have a range of steel accessories to suit the modern office including lasercut products in a modern finish. These include office trays, waste paper bins, desk caddies and more. The mobile desk caddy is also great as you can move it around to where you need it most.


Functional and stylish, tables for an office need to serve various purposes. Krost brings us elegant tables for the canteen (5) as well as decking tables (4) with a knock down steel frame.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect storage item, a tray, caddy or more, Krost is in the business of making the office more accesible with quality offerings to elevate this space.

As a South African company that believes in local manufacture, all of Krost’s product ranges are manufactured in SA. They are proudly South African and ensure that raw materials are also locally sourced. A strict supplier evaluation policies focus on quality, service levels and price. They ensure that products are manufactured to the highest quality and can compete on the same level as international brands. To hold these products is to feel the quality.

Have a look at some of our favourites here:


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