How to Create A Chic Home Office

Designing a dream  office can be loads of fun, but there are some fundamental elements that you simply should not avoid. Here we share some of our top designer tips for creating a chic home office you’ll want to spend time in!

Choose the right spot

Whether you are converting a spare bedroom into an office or creating a customised space in a special area around the home, be sure that you pick the right spot to optimise your working experience from home. You’ll most likely be spending a lot of time here so be sure that your chosen home office is well lit, the right size and in an ideal location for work.

It’s all about the flow

Be sure to choose home office furniture that is both functional and stylish. Always consider your workflow and if the chosen furniture will adequately meet your needs. It should complement the size of the room and serve you in terms of comfort, storage and style. If the budget allows, perhaps consider customised cabinetry that you can specify according to your needs.

Choose adequate seating

You may end up spending hours in seated in your office. As such, the right ergonomics will go a long way. Choose the right office chair that offers both the support and comfort you need to be productive in this space. If you’re planning to have visitors to your office, be sure to invest in additional seating and even a couch for those who may pop in.


Fill your home office with things that inspire you. This is the perfect spot to personalise the walls in a colour that you love. Choose a shade that inspires and motivates and add customised artwork and decor that will make it a great space for productivity. We love a clean, modern home office, but perhaps you want to spice things up with a splash of bright colour or custom artwork. Go bold and let your personality shine through here.


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