Entrawood’s Shell Executive is Designed For The Individual

Shell is a range of hand finished, high-quality birch ply office furniture, crafted by passion and dedication, for those who value artistry and workmanship.

What makes an executive office different from any other single desk with side storage? Is it merely size? Or is it a work surface shaped to the user needs? Is it the colour, or a combination of materials, shaped and combined with intention? Is an executive office meant to be intimidating, with heavy furniture? Or a space that is inspiring, modern and luxurious? What would be the best arrangement of furniture in a personal office?

Entrawood’s Design team asked these questions and let the answers guide their latest design in the new Shell Executive. By breaking the mould of the traditional executive office and exploring the elements that can make a work environment inspiring and promote freedom of thought while at the same time providing the thinker with a sense of control. The usefulness and visual impact of each surface and structural element was considered and intentionally shaped and proportioned, creating balance and harmony between the furniture and the user. By using selective materials, soft curves and layered textures the shell range achieves sort of modern luxury rarely seen in executive offerings.

The Shell range also includes a series of meeting and boardroom tables that share design features, like the reverse chamfer edges and curved horizontal surfaces, and are shaped to suit different meeting styles and purposes.

Entrawood understands that the structural elements of a space; such as the size of a room or the shape of a table and the ease of connection and expression, can either enhance or hamper a team’s performance. Each industry has a different style of doing business and each client has their own set of needs and goals, there is no “One size fits all” solution.

Entrawood can guide you through the process of defining your needs and matching them with office furniture solution that’s on time, on budget and meets the highest quality standards, nationwide.

Shell is also customizable, and shapes, sizes and colours can be adapted to each individual’s needs.

For more information about the range and to enquire about custom pieces contact Entrawood on 011 312 6388, or visit their showroom in 14 Kramer Road, Sandton, JHB.

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