Entrawood: The Executive Offices of Ultimate Heli

One of the latest new headquarters in the ever-expanding Midrand and Waterfall area is Ultimate Heli, a dynamic & progressive aviation company. The building boasts plenty of glass fronts with enviable views, a double volume reception with beautiful staircase and cool and sophisticated colour palette.

They wanted their new offices to not only be a place for Helicopter owners, operators and employees but to also welcome guests and offer them a space to host meetings, relax and catch up on work in the work lounge.

Entrawood and Diamond Office worked closely with them to create a layout that would best serve the team’s purpose, and select furniture that was in line with the clean, professional and confident image of the company.

The team have to be able to easily communicate and interact with one another, the open plan area meets this need. Not having a lot of paperwork, but rather safety gear and personal items, localized locker storage was an ideal solution. The work lounge with a café, offers tall round tables and bar stools, as well as Booths with power docs, to recharge and have a quick coffee meeting. There are also privacy pods, for undisturbed work with a view of the Heli-pad.

The meeting and boardrooms, with local art, allows guests and clients to schedule meetings in a beautiful but also convenient location. The Shell meeting tables with its clean, contemporary design paired with power docs and comfortable seating meet this need.


The executive offices, with an excellent view of the Heli-pad, Waterfall estate and the sun sets needed to also be furnished with elegant, hand finished furniture. The Shell Executive desk, facing the views, gives the user a sense of control. The Shell bookcase offers plenty of display surfaces for art, framed pictures and awards, it also has a coat hook for convenience, and closed storage drawers for personal items.

The project is still being completed, however, there is already a vibrant culture and a sense of ownership.

Read more about this exciting project HERE and for more info visit Entrawood.


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