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Entrawood Celebrates 30 Years

Over the past 30 years, Entrawood and Entrakor, have evolved to bring South African businesses the very best in quality, functionality and design. The passion for what they do, everyday, as a team, translates into a beautiful and cohesive product offering, outstanding quality and a unwavering commitment to service delivery.

How we meet matters

Research has shown that most meetings are a major productivity killer. However, meetings are necessary to convey/share important information. Consciously deciding how your company should meet and what you want to achieve with meetings can set the tone for the type of engagement to reach the desired outcome. It is therefore so important to create settings that will facilitate the style of interaction you are aiming for.

Entrawood offers essential tools to help you deliver an effective workplace tailored to your culture and goals. One of the most challenging aspects of space planning for a client is separating the desires of management from the needs of the day to day staff. The employees know how workspaces are used and what workplace patterns need new solutions, however management is responsible for the overall company vision. Both viewpoints are important, and balance is key.

As mediators, the team from Entrawood find it critical to try to gage what people truly want and need from their space. Ultimately delivering a high-performing workplace that supports the company’s goals.

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