ChairClub: Happiness By Design

German design meets South African engineering and production. To add some beauty, comfort, brightness, and joy to office furniture, ChairClub is on trend with the latest offerings for your workplace.

ChairClub is proudly South African and a BEE Level 2 company with black woman ownership.

“At ChairClub, we believe in supporting local employment, local suppliers and local enterprises with modern office seating, fast deliveries and affordable prices.”

And ChairClub certainly knows about office seating. They know how important it is to your happiness at work. And your performance. So here are 5 promises to you from ChairClub. To make sure they make you really happy.

Hassle-Free Buying

ChairClub make it really easy for you to research, choose and buy your perfect, big smile chair.

Great Products and Prices

ChairClub offers contemporary German design proudly manufactured in South Africa, with direct delivery from the factory to you.

No-fuss Guarantee

It’s all about making you happy. If you’re not happy, ChairClub will always work hard to fix things until you are – or swap your chair out for another.

Service with a Smile

Life’s too short to have to deal with grumps, so ChairClub treats their people well and empowers them to help you 24/7.

Business with friends

ChairClub do business with friends. And if you’re not a friend yet, they’re going to put a smile on your face and make you one.

Check out some of our favourite offerings from ChairClub here:

For more visit ChairClub.


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