Lofts & Ladders: 8 Reasons We Love Loft Conversions

Lofts are the ultimate statement of stylish urban living. There simply is no denying it. With stunning floorplans, high ceilings, charming nooks, huge windows and stylish industrial architecture, loft living is still a winner in our books! Here we share 10 reasons why this trend is still high up on our wish list!

    City Living

When we think of luxury living in a metropolitan city such as New York or London, we can certainly imagine ourselves living in a luxury loft apartment, enjoying the bustle of city life. Many of these lofts boast gorgeous views of the city and surrounds and that’s why lofts are often a very desirable location for yuppies and go-getters trying to make their mark in a thriving city.

2. Striking Architecture

One of the characteristics that definitely set a loft apart from any other residence is that it often boasts industrial architecture in buildings that are often converted from warehouses into trending apartments. Industrial chic is a great trend in home design at present and you can totally enhance the look in your own loft with modern industrial finishes such as metals, leather, wood and rustic decor.

3. Windows – Glorious Windows

As most lofts boast a simple yet open floor plan, they often rely on the presence of large windows for natural lighting within the residence. These are often great statement features in a loft – bringing light, charm and an urban edge to any interior.

4. High Ceilings

What a loft lacks in floor space, it often makes up in ceiling height. In fact, high ceilings are extremely desirable as this gives the impression that a space is much bigger than it actually is. High loft ceilings are therefore a prized asset in a loft apartment. We also love the openness it creates!

5. Open Plan

Lofts often maximise space with a simple open floor plan. Careful planning is key here but the benefit is that you can create a distinct and personalised space to meet your needs.

6. Out-of-the-box Storage

Loft designers often think of innovative ways for owners to maximise the storage in their homes. With an open plan layout, this is easier said than done. But nifty storage solutions make loft living simple and sophisticated.

7. Customised rooms

We love the idea of breaking up the floor plan of a loft with clever finishes and materials such as glass interior walls and dry wall bedroom alternatives. This way you can fully customise your space to make full use of the available space and create separate areas for the various functions needed at home.

8. Archways and pillars

Many luxury lofts incorporate interesting pillars and support beams to maintain the structure and integrity of the building, especially in an expansive open plan space. These easily become points of interest and intrigue in a loft and can work to enhance your design.

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