TLW: Move Over Minimalism – Modern Victorian is Here

What has been termed as “Modern Victorian” is being predicted as the next big décor trend. Melissa Davidson from leading lighting retailer, The Lighting Warehouse, offers some insight into this oh-so-trendy new style: “The term Modern Victorian is a spin-off of the old, traditional Victorian style, but done in a fresh, new, modern and relevant way.”

It has been described as the style pendulum swing after the revival of minimalism-inspired design and lifestyle trends, such as the Marie Kondo Method for example. “Modern minamilism has dominated for some time, and people are getting a little tired of clean, neat and streamlined. Instead, more and more are opting for what has been coined as ‘maximalsim’ – it is a style that has a more theatrical quality, with brighter tones, and a more detailed and dramatic flair,” explains Melissa.

Modern Victorian is a true amalgamation of what is classic, and what is modern – compiled in a fun and exotic manner, says Melissa: “The Victorian aesthetic is overly fussy, artificial, and overdone. In fact it is thought of as being the opposite of the bright, natural, hyper-minimalism that has been the ruling style for so long. Modern Victorian isn’t a re-creation of the Victorian style, but rather a reimagining of Victorian interiors, filtered through a modern sensibility.”

She notes that the lines are reminiscent of days gone by, the fussiness of the designs have been taken down a notch or two: “The lines are still sleek, but the shapes are remiscent of something more old fashioned and antique.” This is clearly represented in items such as the Chester range of light fittings from The Lighting Warehouse for example, which boasts an antique aesthetic, but with modern under tones.

The above featured lighting is available from The Lighting Warehouse. The details are as follows:

  • The Chester 3-light pendant retails for R3 499,00.
  • The Chester single light wall light retails for R1 199,00.
  • The Chester 3-light bar pendant retails for R3 999,00.

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