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Dec 28, 2018

The Lighting Warehouse: The Coolest Lighting Trends for 2019

Lighting is in every room in your home – whether it has been used in a purely functional capacity, or in order to improve the style or mood of a space, or a combination of all three – lighting is an essential element to any room’s look and feel. 

Says Melissa Davidson from leading lighting retailer, The Lighting Warehouse: “Today, there are thousands of different lighting options to choose from, which can make it a little confusing when it comes to choosing a fitting for your home. However, looking at some of the hottest lighting trends can inspire you and make this decisions a little less daunting.” Here is Melissa’s selection of some of the most popular lighting trends to currently hit the market:

Geometric shapes: Geometric designs are becoming increasingly popular, such as the Volcano range of pendant lights from The LightingWarehouse for example, which is available in gold, black and silver, in either round (R1 499,95) or a dome-shape (R1 899,95). Says Melissa: “Geometry is about bold lines, angles and repeated shapes, and this trend is no different. Angles and shapes are the inspiration behind the geometric trend and it is displayed in fittings by the general structure of the light.”

Wire frame lighting: Otherwise known as cage lighting, wire-frame lights are still very much on trend, says Melissa: “Wire cage pendants, have a minimalist, industrial-type feel to them, and boast layered geometric designs that ensure visual interest from all angles. A good example of this trend is the Brooklyn range of bar pendants (R2 499,95) from The Lighting Warehouse, which is available in both white and black with accents of either satin brass or satin silver.”

Contemporary crystal: Chandeliers are reminiscent of the glamour of a bygone era, and they are still very popular – but with a contemporary twist, says Melissa: “There is very little that screams ‘glamour and style’ quite as loudly as crystal, and its sparkle can really up the charm ante of any space. It is this quality that remains ever trendy. However, the old fashioned chandeliers have been replaced with a more contemporary design – with sleek lines and unfussy edges, such as the Chiara glass crystal bar chandelier (R4 999,95) from The Lighting Warehouse for example.”

Technology in design: As computers continue to influence the way we live, so do they influence the shape and design of products in our every day lives – a fact that is commonly seen in lighting design. Take the Matrix 10-light ceiling-mount chandeliers from The Lighting Warehouse for example (R2 999,95) – available in either a satin black or a satin chrome finish – which are an artistic and retro interpretation of traditional electrical circuit designs.

Black and gold: The contrasting colour combination of black with gilded gold has been making a real design statement in lighting of late.  Luxurious, moody and dramatic – a combination of these two theatrical tones can be used to create an elegantly appealing feature in any space. The Sheba range of wire-frame pendant lights is a good example of this trend –  it is available in two sizes (R1 499,95 and R999,95).

Vintage boho chic: Creative shapes and forms are a clear indicator of the bohemian style, and it is evident in a multitude of various lightingdesigns on the market today. This style promotes a certain element of soft romance and vintage appeal, as is evident in the Corona pendant lights (R999,95), available in gold and silver from The Lighting Warehouse.

Gorgeous glass: There are lots of decor trends that tend to come and go, but glass isn’t one of them. The lighting effect you get from pairing an interesting looking glass pendant with light brings a touch of modern artistry to any room, and the beauty is that it can complement a whole host of various décor styles, from traditional to contemporary. The glass can be plain, blown, coloured or textured, as is the case with the Diplo range of glass spherical pendants from The Lighting Warehouse – the small 250mm-wide Diplo pendants (R1 499,95) are available in clear and smoke-coloured glass, while the larger 400mm-wide Diplo pendant (R2 499,95) is only available in clear glass.

LED lights as art: The introduction of light fittings with built-in LED lights has opened up a whole new world of lighting design. You are no longer hindered by the traditional need for a pendant light to house a globe – now, with integrated LED lights, fittings can be designed in virtually any shape, size or style – opening up new possibilities for lighting that is sculptural in its appeal. A good example of this is the Streamer range of lights from The Lighting Warehouse, which comprises the Streamer ceiling-mounted fitting (R4499,95), the Streamer wall light (R1 999,95), the Streamer floor lamp (R5 999,95) and the Streamer table lamp (R2 999,95).

Cone lights: Cone-shaped light fixtures are one of the most popular trends in decorative lighting these days.  The inverted cone shape is certainly striking – their simple shape works well with all design aesthetics, ranging from traditional to contemporary. The stunning Cone range of glass wall lights (R999,95) from The Lighting Warehouse is available in chrome, antique brass and black. There are matching pendants in this range as well.

You can visit www.lightingwarehouse.co.za to find a store closest to you, or to shop online. Delivery is for free for orders over R500.

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