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May 30, 2018

Streamlight: The Palma Collection

Designed by Antoni Arola, The Palma Collection from Vibia is a stunning lighting system that makes possible multiple globe compositions with integrated vegetation for gorgeous illumination. Now available locally through Streamlight.

Palma boasts three distinct variations, including wall, hanging and table alternatives to suit different spaces. Let’s take a closer look:


The wall installation makes for numerous options, as it can be used as a single globe, or used vertically or horizontally in order to create visual axes on a larger scale.

It’s a lighting system that introduces the planting normally associated with daylight in the outdoors, to an indoors setting. One of the most innovative is the use of multiple wall sconce lamps for public spaces.


The capacity for Palma to create ambience within an interior setting increases with its growth like a luminous hanging garden.

The classic globe, slightly flattened here evolves towards a more organic form and the suspended version with an almost imperceptible cable support accentuates the floating sensation.


Palma’s design is based on elemental forms, its luminous quality expressed though a warm quality dimmable light. Filtered by two glowing half spheres of blown opal glass, joined together by an aluminum ring, in a graphite or white finish.

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