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Mar 27, 2019

SHF: Chic Dining Room Lighting

Light up your dining experiences with beautiful chandeliers and feature lighting to make a real impact in this space. Here we share some of our favourite finds from SHF to help you illuminate your dining room with ease.

Did you know that your choice of light in the dining room can certainly help to enhance your dining experience? Well this is certainly true and the principle is often applied in restaurant design. Now you can create your own elegant ambience at home and invest in quality lighting to set the mood in your family dining space.

Choose from bespoke pendants and chandeliers to modern light fixtures, wall sconces and more. SHF has a complete range of contemporary lighting options to impress.

Allow your chosen light to complement your dining room furniture and style. A low-hanging chandelier above a statement dining table is often a showstopper, but you could also opt for a more subtle approach to lighting with grouped pendants for added illumination in this space.

Go bold with a chic lighting selection and dine in style. Here are some of our favourite selections now on offer from SHF:


Don’t skimp on quality lighting. It’s one element that should never be overlooked in your interior. If it’s time to upgrade your lighting, be sure to shop around and choose a chic, elegant finish that you love – that will certainly lift the room.

For more great lighting options be sure to shop at SHF.

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