Set The Mood With The Latest Lighting Designs from La Grange Interiors

La Grange Interiors will help you set the mood at home with their latest lighting collections featuring mesh, glass, weathered teak, ceramic and matte powder-coated metal in various shades.

La Grange Offers an array of light and lighting features to help set the perfect tone of your space. Lighting not only offers the practicality of illuminating a room, but has the capacity to control the ambience as well. Available through their Cape Town and Johannesburg showrooms.

Make a statement with a striking lighting solution to brighten up your space. The new lighting collections are available in state of the art showrooms. Here you can get a feel for the various options and find a style that you love.

From table lamps to wall fixtures, pendants and more – this collection is all about variety, bringing a range of styles, colours and finishes to ensure that every taste is catered for!

The brand has a unique offering in that each item is handpicked or custom designed be Sumari herself, and invariably has an unusual tale or experience attached to it. Her passion for the extraordinary takes her all over the word – to little known crafters’ exhibitions, dusty antique stores and to artisan families who have been plying and perfecting their skills for generations – all in a quest to uncover distinctive, handmade items that speak to her and that she knows her clients will covet.

New stock is unpacked weekly, ensuring discerning visitors to the La Grange showrooms are always treated to some new inspiration. The brand effortlessly marries contemporary interiors with industrial influences and eclectic additions and above all, promotes easy, refined living.

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