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Jun 25, 2018

Province Lighting: Statement Lights From Brand van Egmond

Gorgeous inside and out, Brand van Egmond produces sculptural lighting masterpieces to mesmerise. We can’t get enough of the illuminated beauty of each of the collections that make up the completely inspiring range of lights available from this international retailer. You can also now get your hands on a Brand van Egmond original through local agents Province Lighting in South Africa.

Every year Brand van Egmond strive to use their knowledge and experience in order to create some of the most astounding lighting sculptures. “We are constantly inspired by the world around us, the people we meet and the beautiful projects we are invited to be part of. In return, we are frequently asked to translate unique lighting wishes into handcrafted reality. Partners like Louis Vuitton, Chopard and the Four Seasons Hotels invited Brand van Egmond to create tailor-made lighting solutions for their spaces. We welcome everybody who wants to see our designs, or would like personal advice from William Brand and his team, to our office and ateliers in Naarden, The Netherlands.”

Some of our favourite designs are featured below, offering elegance and distinction in each composition.

Edison’s Tail:

Unadorned yet full of energy, contemporary and elegant: Edison’s Tail moves freely through space and reveals that bringing light and vitality can go hand in hand. Introduced successfully by the inventor Thomas Edison, the light bulb is – more than in any other collection – an integral part of the overall design. The spirited and energetic shape of Edison’s Tail is evocative of the initial burst of life when a seed opens and through the cracks the first green shots appear. To see this exact moment, is to see a wonder in the making. To capture this moment, is what Edison’s Tail attempts.


By means of the deduction of every unnecessary layer of decoration, a calmness of mind appears allowing for a new collection to be born. The Shiro – Japanese for castle – is the result of a journey of deconstruction. Stripped of all but the bare yet beautiful essentials, this new collection permits for a well composed equilibrium. It allows serenity to triumph over chaos.

Kelp Fortuna:

Overwhelmed by the warm reception the Kelp collection received, William Brand was intrigued to experiment further and sought to add new elements. The grand icicles, blown and pulled at the same time by our glassblowers, add a striking monumental facet to the frivolously shaped Kelp. To be able to create icicles of this quality and size demanded rigorous experimenting and exploration of new techniques. As the 16th century Florentine diplomat and poet Machiavelli wrote, ‘It’s better to be adventurous than cautious, as Fortuna is a woman’.


To be human, is to be aware that there are forces greater than ourselves. From the majestic power of nature, until the longings deep within our soul. With an elegant twist, although with an undeniable force behind it, the new Eve is crafted. The fruit she carries is tempting…. will the apple be eaten, or not?

Eve Isicles:

Combining the Eve with the time honoured tradition of hand-blown glass: the Eve Icicles has been created. Eve Icicles can be customised to any dimension, allowing for a tailor-made lighting sculpture for your space.

Contact: Province Lighting

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