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Apr 27, 2017

Oniro Concepts make Art with Chains

Art is only limited by the imagination. Today, almost any material can be used or recycled to create an interesting and bold artwork or a beautiful décor installation. At Kriskadecor, a mix of creativity, innovation and production results in products that are modern, chic and luxurious.

They are the proud manufacturers of art with chains, a decoration for metal walls, ceilings, architectural curtains, metal meshes, mosaic designs and metal chain curtains. They create highly customised projects for customers made with anodised-aluminium links. Available through Oniro Concepts, Kriskadecor has collaborated with some of the world’s most renowned designers and architects to create mind-blowing installations that can only be explained as explosions of colour, shape and volume. Today, they are a leading design brand, achieving international acclaim as a representative of Spanish design. They are quick to anticipate trends in the interior design of restaurants, hotels bars and the home. The brand offers a wide range of solutions for both architects and interior designers: space dividers, wall coverings, ceilings, facades, lighting structures or even dramatic effects such as a rainy ceiling.

Customisation is Kriskadecor’s strongest value. With their small-interlinked pieces and patented technology, they are able to reproduce images and patterns combining a wide range of colours in brilliant satin finishes. The material is extremely versatile and due to its light weight, it can be used in just about any space. We love the intricate patterns, use of colour and creativity that flows from each Kriskadecor installation. Contact: Oniro Concepts

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