NGS Signs: Custom Signage & Lighting to Illuminate Your Business

Give your business the edge with professional signage to get you noticed. A simple sign can help to grow your brand, market your business and illuminate your service offerings. One company is making all the difference by giving clients the option of customising unique lighting solutions. We shine a light on NGS Signs, professional signage, architectural and lighting manufacturers.

NGS Signs started over 25 years ago with the passion to make businesses stand out and help client ideas get noticed. Their expertise in the industry has grown over the years, as technology and trends have progressed.

With a wide range of products on offer, NGS Signs tries creates unique works of art through their innovative signage solutions. From custom manufactured lights or neon products, customers are able to customise their choice of product with the style they want. Clients can also set the mood with an interior and exterior cove and architectural smart lighting systems.

A friendly, service-orientated team focuses on providing cost-effective, aesthetic and unmissable project solutions. Smart lighting systems are integrated to work with the various lights and bespoke light fittings that are manufactured. These lights have dimmable features as well as LED colour options to suit the style that clients have in mind when designing the light. A full lighting range can go from small intimate lighting to full illimitation of big spaces.

All bespoke illuminated products manufactured from NGS Signs are energy efficient, sleek and cost-effective. LED options also have 5 and 7-year warranties to ensure clients are afforded the highest quality.

NGS Signs also offer a graphic design service for when ideas are only on paper and need to be turned in to works of art. Installation of products can also be supplied if required by clients. Products work extremely well with designers, seeking a product that is current, bespoke and trending with a hint of retro on the side.

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