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Lighting Jan 23, 2024

Melonwoods: Let’s Talk Safety Lights

Loadshedding is back and for most of us this isn’t something new.  But have you considered how to ensure that you and your loved ones stay safe with Melonwoods when all the lights are out?

Gone are the less permanent options such as flashlights and oil lamps – most of us have moved on to emergency rechargeable lighting – but this is still not as beautiful as we would like.

Well, what are our options during loadshedding?

  1. Emergency lights that are rechargeable. These often have USB ports for charging other devices and have a few brightness settings.  Not the prettiest, but it’s always good to have a few of these on hand.
  2. Another staple is the battery rechargeable LED light bulb. These are fantastic in that you can fit them in most light fittings – they last for more than 4 hours on battery, giving an ample 3w of light.  You can even select the colour temperature you prefer with a toggle switch on the bulb!  This way not compromising on the beauty of the light fitting and still having ample light.
  3. Now we also sell battery rechargeable GU10 downlights. This has been a game changer.  Again, you can fit these in your current GU10 light fittings and again, they will stay on during load shedding.  We popularly use them for our indoor downlights, but this bulb is also used in many outdoor footlights and wall lights – so can light up your home exterior as well.
  4. Rechargeable lanterns – we have a few stunning options! These can be carried and placed where you need them.
  5. Spotlights and floodlights – These come in solar options, so no electricity needed! They range from less dim lights to really powerful 100w and 200w lights – coupled with being fully weatherproof, control via a remote control and up to 12 hours usage.
  6. Desk and table lamps that are rechargeable. Again, there are many styles and options to choose from to ensure they fit in with your home décor scheme.

Melonwoods Lighting will work with home owners, developers and businesses to create a comprehensive lighting plan that meets your budget and style needs. Melonwoods Lighting Division offers a full range of lighting as well as a lighting design service.  Get in touch for free advice on what loadshedding options will work best for you.

Find Melonwoods at Shop 213 Ballito Junction Mall or contact info@melonwoods.co.za.

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