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Mar 29, 2018

The Lighting Warehouse: A Lustre of Lamps

If you are looking for more light in your room – be it task, ambience or general lighting – then a floor or desk lamp could be the answer. They are really quick and easy to install – simply position them, plug them in and switch them on – and they look great to boot.

Says Melissa Davidson from The Lighting Warehouse: “Floor and desk lamps are excellent all-rounders when it comes to indoor illumination. They can offer strong natural ambience to light up an entire living room, bright focused light for your task in the home office, or a soft amber glow to alter the mood in your bedroom.” She notes that another bonus is that lamps are very versatile: “Due to the tall, slim profiles of floor lamps, they hardly take up any space, and they can easily fit in any corner of the room – either modestly behind a sofa or proudly as a standalone feature in its own right. Desk lamps have also progressed – they are no longer for the sole domain of the home office – today, they are also comfortably included as part of bedroom or living room décor. “While lamps remain much easier to install than a wired in lighting system, and a much more affordable option, a designer lamp can also make amazing changes to a room’s aesthetic appeal. Their form, as well as the quality of light they give off, can create a whole new atmosphere in your home and dramatically upgrade the functionality of the space in question,” explains Melissa. The Lighting Warehouse offers a wide variety of lamps, but the latest releases include the following beauties: The Gilberto range comprises the Gilberto desk lamp (code: 21372), which retails for R999,95; and the Gilberto floor lamp (code: 21377), which retails for R1 499,95 – available from The Lighting Warehouse. The Brera range of desk and floor lamps are available in either a chrome or a copper finish. The Brera desk lamps retail for R799,95 (chrome – code: 21458GM; copper – code: 21458), while the floor lamps retail for R1 199,95 (chrome – code: 21467GM; copper – code: 21467). The Mother & Child floor lamp is a stunning contemporary piece, and a very practical choice of lighting. It boasts a dual light – an uplighter, as well as a reading light – both of which can be operated independently from one another or together. The Mother & Child is available in chrome (code: 18731), and now it is also available in a stunningly on-trend copper finish (code: 21369). It retails for R1 699,95 from The Lighting Warehouse Contact: Lighting Warehouse

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