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Mar 26, 2018

K Light Import: Gorgeous Chrome Branch Pendants

The latest lighting offerings from K Light Import include these stunning Chrome Branch Pendants with white glass and wall ceiling lights that are far from ordinary. Taking a simple globe shape, K Light has elevated this basic design into something elegant and perfect for modern interiors.

Chrome is the latest addition to this range, including matching ceiling lights that are available in gold and chrome options. With their round, glass white shade, and their angled branch arms, these fittings are a real eye-catcher. Utilise in a group or individually to suit your interior. Imagine a beautiful spectacle with a group of hanging pendants above a dining table, in a foyer or floating above a kitchen counter. This installation is sure to impress, offering functional lighting and also designer aesthetic with a modern chrome finish to suit a contemporary design.

The overall look is sleek and sophisticated – not over-embellished but rather refined in terms of its design and visual quality. We love the look and we can already envision this gorgeous chrome branch pendant in an array of settings, from the modern style to the classic, timeless interior.

Remember, you can create a harmonious look by investing in both the hanging pendants and matching wall/ ceiling lights, to maximise your lighting in a given area. This would be ideal in a large open plan living space, where key lighting will add to the overall look of the room. Here we take a look at the various options available to suit your tastes and budget.

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