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Feb 16, 2018

It’s All About Illumination: Easy Ways to Light Up Your Home

Lighting is a functional part of your home, and unless you want to live in the dark, lighting is the best way to bring illumination and style to your abode. Contributor Cynthia Crane shares some helpful tips for bringing illumination to your home – for it is one of the essential elements that we need to complete our day to day activities. 

  There are so many methods you could employ to improve your lighting and the way they operate. Also, there are several updates which are friendly to our budget and are easy to implement. To help you with your future project, here are some of the ideas with smart lighting solutions that can help you to make a big difference in your home.

Light the Corners

Dark corners are impractical and simply unpleasant. Find some creative ideas to add more light in darker areas and increase the function of those areas. You can also add some wall lights to your dining room to add drama to your surroundings. These changes may be simple, but it can make a vast improvement in your home.

Be creative

When it comes to being creative, we love twinkling lights for added sparkle in your home. Quality execution can also transform the ambience of your room completely. Maximize natural light by keeping your windows clean and by adding some modern floor lamps and wall lights for added illumination in key areas.

Dim Lights

Dimmers are very important because it allows you to enjoy greater lighting control and atmosphere in each room. Besides, the benefits of dimmers can also help you save and lessen your intensive energy consumption. It’s also great in kids’ rooms where you want to create a restful environment at night.

Light Layers

Giving light to different areas of your room is necessary to provide a brightness that can help add a little bit of enthusiasm. If you want lighting that is perfect for your home, then you should always consider the following:

  • Light sources such as chandeliers and ceiling fixtures provide more brightness throughout your room. Think about the key areas where they will be used and how they will best function in the space.
  • You should always add extra lights in functional areas where you may be reading, crafting or working.
  • Decorative lighting adds interest and can create beautiful contrasts and highlights in your home. Illuminate artwork or add lights to cabinets for a highlighting effect to provide it with some theatrical aspects.

Diversify Your Lighting

In a room that is not well-lit, you should carefully consider your options to maximise the illumination to suit the space.  For instance, in a room that is illuminated by downlights, you can always try adding a new light source, such as stylish table lamps to bring a warm presence to your chamber.

Reflective Accents

Try to introduce reflective elements to your room. For example, by hanging a large mirror on your wall, it will give you a reflecting light and will help you brighten your room as well. Oftentimes, white walls can also give you a reflection of your light which can be beneficial as it bounces light in a neutral background.

Save Energy

Sensored lights can easily be installed to increase the efficiency and productivity of your lighting. Sensor lights ensure that the lights turn off in your room so that they will not be left unattended.

Update your Devices

Upgrading your devices can also be a great help in making a big difference to your home lighting. You can replace an outdated and inefficient device with a new model. Always focus on the things that have more impact on your light.

Task Lighting

Task lighting is essential in any home, as it will enhance your productivity and the overall feel of your space. Add a light to your bedside table or in the kitchen to help improve the performance of your visual tasks. Need a lighting upgrade? We have you covered with a list of quality suppliers right here at,  SA Decor and Design – The Buyer’s Guide.     Contributor: Cynthia Crane

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