Illumina: Lighting For Every Design Scheme

Bold, eye-catching and contemporary, the latest range of lights from Illumina will make you the envy of your family and friends. Bring one (or more) of these beautiful statement lights into your home and give your interior the edge with gorgeous illumination in every room.

Choose from striking pendants, chandeliers and wall sconces – each with a distinct look and bold style. Whether you are looking for the perfect lighting solution to suit an industrial style, modern, farm-house, shabby chic or even boho – Illumina has a range of exquisite options to brighten your life! All inspired by the latest trends in interior design.

Let’s have a closer look…

  1. Propose the ultimate minimalist aesthetic with the near-invisible design of the Maison Glass Pendant Light from Illumina.

2. Exude glamour in your space with the stunning, handmade Maya 3 Light Chandelier from Illumina. Shade is formed by a delicate curtain of chained strings for a luxurious overhead display with one-of-a-kind appeal.

3. Enrich your living room with the natural handwoven Bodhi Rattan Shade from Eli & Liu. The shade diffuses the light within in a dazzling display of ambience.

4. Impressive in its masculine attitude, the vintage vibe of the Kirby Cage Pendant Light from Illumina is ideal for intensifying your favourite space.

5. Evoke texture and sophisticated style in your space with the geometry and luminance of the Foley Old Gold Drum Pendant from Illumina.

6. Incorporate modern retro styling seamlessly into your modern home with the versatile Cromwell Deco Wall Lamp from Illumina. Made of high-grade iron and glass for enduring strength and sturdiness to remain beautiful and usable for years to come.

7. For design to resonate a robust, vintage vibe in your home opt for the Clark Cage Industrial Wall Light from Illumina.

8. Provide ample lighting and modern looks to your space with the Eaton Industrial Wall Light from Illumina. With a high-quality metal structure for strength and durability and a satin finish for lasting good looks.

9. With its throw-back, brassy detailing and farmstyle design the Rustic Dark Grey Farmstyle Wall Light from Illumina will evoke industrial appeal to your space.


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