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Sep 21, 2018

Fundi Light & Living: Refresh Your Interior This Spring

It’s time for a Spring revamp and that means there is no better time to add a fresh new look to your interior styling at home. Bringing in new accent decor and basic furniture will help to give your living room a whole new look. Here we share some simple ways to revamp your space for the season with the help of Fundi Light & Living.


Change the entire ambience of your living room, or even the bedroom, with new lighting. Change your fixtures, lampshades and wall pendants and embrace a fresh new look this Spring. Fundi Light & Living boasts an ever growing product range that includes lamps, pendant fittings, woven lamps and more to add a sophisticated edge to your home. A little texture, a pop of colour or a brand new light fixture in a new and interesting material can make all of the difference in your space!


Make subtle changes to the layout of your living with and introduce smaller pieces to complete your space. A new side table or ottoman can serve as a functional piece but will also add to the overall style of your room. Keep it simple and sleek for a fresh new Spring look!


A few simple accessories can add colour and a vibrancy to your Spring interior. Add mirrors to reflect light and create a brighter, inviting space. Swop out your winter furnishings and colours for bolder, brighter tones and fabrics. Scatter cushions are easy to change out according to the season. Go for bold prints and pops of colour to add renewed energy in your living room.


Spring is about life, energy and renewed passion. Think about the lighting, soft furnishings and furniture in your home and introduce simple changes to make a big impact for the seasons ahead.

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