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Mar 14, 2019

Fundi Light & Living: Tips For A Fresh, Inspired Home

When it comes to your interior, be sure to add your personal style and keep things fresh. If your spaces are feeling a little outdated or mundane, perhaps it is time to revamp and create a fresh, inspired home that you’ll love. Here we share some top tips for a refreshed new look inside of your home.


Update your lighting – bulbs and light fittings – for a refreshed new look at home. Modern fabric lamp shades are on trend and can blend into a modern space with ease. But you could also invest in contemporary pendants – glass, metal and wood finishes are wonderful additions to any room. Be sure to shop around and consider your options. The right light can help to add some flair to any outdated room.

Accent Decor

A simple way to update your interior, without spending too much money or completely knocking down walls, is to update the decor and homeware you have on display. Soft furnishings such as throws, scatters and curtains can be updated with ease. Simply refresh in a modern colour palette or print and you’ll feel more inspired about your home in no time. We love beautiful botanical prints and greenery for a fresh new look. Nothing beats nature at inspiring a new design!

Contemporary Furniture

Change out side tables and small furniture items to give your living space a new look. Traditional furniture can be swapped with modern pieces for a more contemporary design. We love the use of mixed materials – with wood, metal and glass for a modern touch.

Fundi Light and Living have everything you need for an inspired, contemporary abode. Here we share some of our top choices now available from Fundi:

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