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Sep 7, 2018

Eurolux: Tips for Lighting Your Home Office

Bring light to your study or home office and create a stylish, well-lit and functional space to encourage productivity and work! Eurolux brings us some top tips to consider when selecting home office illumination. 

Avoid direct, overhead lighting 
Working under the direct glare of harsh, overhead lighting is a sure way to discourage productivity. Lamps with shades and floor lamps that shine in an upward direction are great for providing sufficient ambient lighting. They create a soft glow and don’t cast shadows.

Use a desk lamp for task lighting 
You’ll likely use this room to work on your computer, file paperwork, and sign documents. Tasks like these are focus-intensive and require a reliable, defined light source. An adjustable desk lamp is ideal for the job so that you can direct the light source exactly where you need it. If you have multiple workstations in the room then consider a dedicated task light for each.

Add a decorative touch 
Task lighting and ambient lighting are essential for creating a productive workspace but don’t forget to incorporate decorative lighting to add a bit of personality to the room. You may also want to consider highlighting your favourite piece of artwork or photographs on your wall with accent lighting.

Don’t overlook natural lighting
Natural light is great for stimulating the senses and increasing productivity, but it can also be a problem. If you have a window in your office, position your computer screen in front of it. Sunlight streaming in from behind you will create an unwelcome glare.

Create a home office that you’ll love. A well-lit space will not only create an atmosphere of productivity and work, but will add to the designer look of this key area in your home.

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