Crabtree: Conduit to Save Money and The Environment

When we walk into a room we are often taken by the aesthetics and design elements we can see with the eye. We may overlook the many materials and resources hidden just behind the surface that have helped to create a beautiful and functional end result.

So much goes into the structure of our homes and just behind the walls lie a hidden world of electrical wiring, pipes and hidden materials that help to ensure our rooms function optimally. Conduit is one such material used inside walls, roofing and concrete slabs to protect electrical wires against external damage, keeping you and your loved ones safe. Crabtree conduit, sold under the Litemaster brand, is renowned for its quality, strength and durability.

To you it may just look like another pipe but there are specific technical attributes that the Crabtree conduit must conform to:

  • Flexible. The physical properties of Litemaster conduit allows the conduit to be bent without it shattering, and these are tested at -5°C, ensuring flexibility in even the coldest conditions.
  • Strong. They conduct a 100kg per square inch impact test on all conduits to ensure that it will never collapse when cast into a concrete slab. When this happens, it not only delays the completion of your building project but also usually requires extensive and unsightly reconstruction work in order to replace the crushed conduit.
  • Lead Free. Litemaster conduit is heavy metal free and is environmentally friendly.

Insist that your electrician fits the best conduit available, as to avoid costly damages. Litemaster conduit is available through your nearest electrical wholesaler or DIY retail outlet.

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