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May 9, 2018

Cozy Lamp Place: Light Makes Colour Excel

In today’s grey world – we need colour! Colour brings life and freshness to almost any aspect of our modern world.

Colour has always fascinated Leoni from Cozy Lamp Place. After doing a fine arts diploma at Pretoria Technicon she started the art of stained glass in 1984 – and today continues to create and restore stained glass windows and lampshades.

Leoni and Lizzy specialise in the manufacturing of stained glass products using different techniques. This includes the traditional lead came technique and modern Tiffany foil technique. They also specialise in hot glass which includes fusing, slumping and painting glass. They accept stained glass commissions for architectural structures, churches, homes, schools and wherever the need is.

Some of the projects they have done through the years include restoration:
– West facade on church square Pretoria, Hervormde Church Rustenburg, Sammy Marx Museum Pretoria, St Johns School Johannesburg, Hillbrow Synagogue, Presbyterian Church Hillbrow, Indian Embassy Pretoria and many more.

New windows: Grace Point Methodist Church Lonehill, Woodhill College Pretoria, Chapel in NG Church Stellastreet Pretoria, Andrew Murrah Church Pretoria, Catholic Church White River and many more.

The pair works with different makes of glass: mouth blown, hand rolled and machine rolled glass – depending what effects are needed.

Very popular in more modern buildings, they also use many different clear textured glass with bevels to create windows.

Together they continue to colour the world and make wonderful glass windows and lampshades – and doctor the old!

Cozy Lamps contact info@cozylamp.co.za

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