ACDC Dynamics: Last Days of Summer

ACDC Dynamics are specialists in the electrical sector, catering for the household (DIY), contractor, industrial, agricultural, mining and manufacturer markets. The ACDC Express franchises are a unique retail store concept that offers a convenient and versatile shopping experience, allowing customers to browse at leisure in an electrical ‘supermarket’.

You might have seen the ACDC Dynamics “Last Days of Summer” special advertised either on TV or in your local newspaper, (or on the front page of their website) and you would like to find out more. Over the course of the special, ACDC Dynamics will be adding extra links to their special page, all of them introducing you to some more of the products that they have on special, as well as some of the super cool people they have found to tell you about them. So be sure to check in weekly, or register on their website, so that they can send you regular updates… This summer has been a hot one. If you are anything like most people, you are doing your absolute best to stay as cool as possible. Which got ACDC Dynamics thinking. They could really use some tips on how to stay cool. So they have reached out to some of the coolest people that they could find, to help them out. People so cool, that they will make you question all of your life choices with one look. So cool, that when they cry, little ice blocks come out instead of tears. Just joking, they would never cry. So cool, that if you saw them in the street, you would think to yourself, “Wow, now that is a cool person, I wish I could be more like them in every single way, and I kind of wish that they would come talk to me so that some of their coolness would rub off”. ACDC Dynamics have had to edit some of what they were told, because their knowledge was just too cool to be written down properly, their laptops kept freezing. You can head over to the ACDC Dynamics website to find out more…






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