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Feb 22, 2018

50 Ways to Light Up Your Life with Floating Designs

There’s lighting that serves a very functional purpose. Once switched on, these lights are easily forgotten until the next time you’re left in the dark and need to light up your space. Then we have a different league of lighting – beautiful, timeless, sleek and eye-catching lighting that makes for a memorable addition to any space. You know the kind we’re referring to… You walk into a restaurant or hotel lobby and you’re overcome by the sheer magnificence of the designer lighting that features as a masterpiece in the central foyer. These are the kinds of lights that dreams are made of. Forget kitsch, dull or unimaginative lighting for a second and try to envision a world of Floating Designs. And you’re sure to stand amazed by the breathtaking lighting available from this extraordinary importer and manufacturer by the same name – Floating Designs.

This year sees an influx of new lighting concepts at Floating Designs with over 50 new gorgeous items to choose from. You will most certainly be spoilt for choice. What’s great is that the team at Floating Designs will also happily customise an original light just for you. So, if you have something special in mind, or need help with a unique design, you can rest assured that their team of designers and fabricators enjoy a challenge! They’ll help you develop and create pieces that are both functional and beautiful and they take pride in delivering awesome products for customers. “We eat, dream and sleep custom designs and décor, be it for Restaurants, Cafés, Businesses, Expos, Events, Homes, Offices, you name it, we are dreaming up new and exciting ways for you to make the space around you as gorgeous as possible.” If you want outrageous quality, legendary craftsmanship and truly a unique product, then they are the people to talk to! They aim to positively transform the spaces around you with exceptional quality products that are not only exclusive but are also great to look at. For more visit Floating Designs or download their catalogue here.

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