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ProQuartz: An Interview with Josey Hayter

Josey Anne Hayter is the head designer and managing director of Verge Interiors PTY Ltd. We chat to her about her involvement with Proquartz and her interesting design career.

How did you first get into the world of design?

“I went to St Anne’s Diocesan College where I discovered my love for art which I studied as a Matric subject. I knew at a young age that I wanted to pursue a career in interior design and décor. I obtained a diploma in Interior Décor at The Inchbald School of Design in London. Immediately after that I attended Inscape College in Cape Town where I obtained a degree in interior architecture. Shortly after graduating I founded Verge Interiors.”

What can one can expect from Josey Hayter?

“My overriding aim in any given project is to create a beautiful cohesive space. Being an interior architect, designer and decorator enables me to ensures that all design elements are considered. Whilst being able to adapt to any given brief I find myself drawn to a classic contemporary style as it is very versatile and works In most spaces but also allows me to add personal and unexpected elements.”

What inspires you in the creativity process while doing a design?

“This would be unique to each and every project. The most important being the space itself. The ability to visualize what a space could potentially be transformed into is critical in being a successful designer.

From there it’s a matter of drawing out the space whether it be on paper or Autocad and coming up with the most effective design both being practical and beautiful. Everything seems to fall into place after that.”

What has been your best project so far?

“That’s a very hard question to answer as every project has been amazing in different ways. Certainly, a project that I had the most creative freedom with was Harrington House Wedding venue in the Midlands. I had so much trust from the clients in terms of the direction I wanted to take even though some of the ideas seemed a bit outrageous.”

How did you hear about ProQuartz?

“During my years studying at Inscape we often had to create touch and feel boards. This consisted of each student running around Cape Town to different suppliers/manufacturers and acquiring the samples we need in order to complete our projects. It was then that I became familiar with ProQuartz and have loved it ever since.”

Why is Proquartz your preferred choice when it comes to surfaces?

“There are many reasons why Proquartz is my preferred choice but I find the main reasons would be it having the most incredible range of quality surfaces at such great prices. It is really such a Value for money product and I am never disappointed.”

What top tips can you share for designing a kitchen or a bathroom?

“I would say my most important tip for designing kitchens and bathrooms is to be practical. Create a space that one won’t get tired of in the next 5 years. A lot of people follow fly by night trends that change frequently and end up regretting it soon after. If one wants to add personal touches and express their creativity with in these given spaces do it with wall finishes such as paint or wallpaper or kitchen hardware such as your kitchen or vanity handles.”

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