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HPL: A New Finish And A Selection of Exclusive Decors From Max on Top

Max on Top’s recent inclusion into the Arpa Industriale stable has given them access to more than 60 years of experience in creating the perfect combination between decor, colour, design and texture.

Thanks to continuous innovation, Arpa’s finishes interpret in a unique way the material dimension of high pressure laminates. Beautifully styled and made in Italy, it combines quality properties and interesting virtues to those wishing to create interior design solutions. It is suitable for both horizontal and vertical applications, for kitchens, bathrooms and design furniture.

The unique premium finishes developed by Arpa including “Losa” won the “Interzum award: Intelligent Material and Design 2017” which makes this the third prize received by Arpa at Interzum after being awarded the “Best of the Best”.

The new Losa finish is a tribute to the tactile quality of slate stone with a three-dimensional effect of great impact. The finish, with a structure that reproduces the 60 degree inclined cut, is combined with a selection of decors designed especially to enhance its depth and beauty.

Alevè: designed to lend a softness to the different types of wood. The “Woods” family is enhanced with original and exclusive decors that recall the beauty of walnut, eucalyptus and an innovative reinterpretation of the cherry wood. The “Materic Expressions” are expanded with a micro-collection of “stuccoworks” in the Urban finish, and a new take on trowelled cement in the Mika finish, a texture that combines glossy and matt elements. Innovations also include a selection of three “metallized oxides,” and an exclusive decor specially created for the Luna finish and ideal for horizontal applications.

Luna: characterised by a “rugged” look, ideal for decors that imitate stones. Mika: peppered with “tiny shining drops” that are sensitive to variations in light. Flatting: characterised by light, elegant material reliefs. Losa: a tribute to the tactility of slate stone characterised by a strong three-dimensional effect.


  • Retail and Contract (restaurants, hospitality, public indoor areas, sports centres, SPAs, airports)

Tables, counter tops, doors, cubicles, lockers, cabinets.

  • Kitchen

Worktops, tables, doors, shelves, cabinets, trolleys.

  • Offices

Tables and horizontal surfaces, wall lining, cubicles, lockers, cabinets.

  • Healthcare

Wall lining and horizontal surfaces, cubicles, lockers, cabinets, trolleys.

  • Transportation

Wall lining, tables, counters, trolleys.

  • Bathrooms

Worktops, shelves, cabinets.

  • Design Furniture


The most important quality characteristics of decorative High Pressure Laminates according to EN 438 (the standard by which decorative surfaces are tested)

  • Excellent moisture resistance
  • High impact resistance
  • Scratch and wear resistance
  • Light fastness
  • Ease of maintenance and cleaning
  • Hygienic
  • Self-supporting (compact varieties)
  • Suitable for contact with food
  • Resistance to dry heat (up to 180°C)

Losa Selection

The Losa finish naturally interprets the vibrant texture and personality of the slate stone. Material effects with a surprising feel.

The Losa finish is available in a selection of Arpa decors in the thickness of 0.7, 1 and 1.2 mm with matching color core and in a thickness of 8, 10 and 12 mm. Laminate sheets are available in sizes of 4200mm x 1300mm and 4200mm x 1600mm.

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