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Sep 21, 2018

What Difference Does A Grundig Kitchen Make?

Modern living is often fast and busy and it can be hard to take the time to discover what you’re truly wanting from both your kitchen and home. With this list, Grundig shows us why it’s the easy choice when it comes to making your home the best place to be.


Grundig has over 75 years of design practice to its name and it shows. Their unique appliances all feature a 5 Year Warranty which speaks to their confidence in their craft.


Grundig features are state of the art. For example, consider Ion Fresh technology which uses ion particles to nullify odour and keep fridge conditions pristine for both your nose and your groceries.


Of course what good is an appliance that’s robust and innovative if it doesn’t look good? Fortunately, Grundig appliances feature stunning aesthetic designs including clean glass doors and exquisite modern enamel exteriors.


Then there’s the way Grundig allows you to not only look after your home and save power but look after the planet too. With innovations like the EcoMotor as well as an energy efficiency rating that reaches up to A+++ you’ll be living a life that’s both effortless and environmentally sound.

Win with Grundig and Hirsch’s

Lastly, Grundig is currently offering an exclusive promo with Hirsch’s in which any single Grundig appliance purchased automatically stands you a chance to win an entire kitchen solution, as well as automatically giving you a R500 in-store voucher and a chance to attend the #MHA2018.

For more on Grundig find them on social media or visit their website and find out all the info you need to bring style to your kitchen!

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