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May 21, 2019

Valcucine: A New Kitchen Experience With Logica Celata

Valcucine presents Logica Celata, the latest development in ingenious research with a novel take on space exploitation that reinvents ergonomics and plans new, exciting ways of using the kitchen.


Thanks to an advanced, counterweight balancing mechanism the door glides gently upwards to reveal the whole work area: a large, fully-customisable space. Various interior options are available i.e. a kitchen, a bar, a food preparation area and a storage.

Each of these is provided with accessories and functions designed to meet its specific needs. In these configurations, everything is ready to be used as efficiently as possible.

A Bar

The bar stands out from the other Logica Celata configurations because it is an all-Italian tradition typical of the Italian way of life, touching conviviality and intimacy and the public and private spheres.

The door opens to reveal Valcucine’s new home bar: practical, well-organised and complemented by all the equipment required for impeccable wine tasting, to mix up a perfect cocktail or prepare an excellent espresso, served to please any connoisseur.

Once shut, Logica Celata becomes an elegant piece of furniture that is further beautified by Vitrum Arte customised surfaces: a special technique developed by Valcucine to reproduce inlaid designs on glass.

2019 is the year in which Logica Celata will be presented in the world’s most significant cities: starting from Milan it will then be showcased in 50 locations. It is quickly reinventing how we experience our kitchens.

A Valcucine Showroom in South Africa

The Valcucine showroom is a welcome addition within the Casarredo headquarters that celebrates Italian kitchen designs that are timeless and impervious to trends, and which transform cooking into an extraordinary experience. Valcucine’s philosophy interprets three values that are skilfully interconnected in each of their creations: innovation, timeless durability and well-being.

For more be sure to visit Casarredo, agents for Valcucine in South Africa.

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