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May 26, 2017

Trend Alert: The freestanding kitchen

Embrace a truly unique kitchen style with a nifty freestanding kitchen design that can be customised to suit your needs. No longer do you have to be saddled with permanent fixtures that can quickly become outdated. Freestanding kitchen units are the answer. Now you can mix and match units in your kitchen for a quick update and a truly modern space.

Vintage Charm

Add some vintage appeal to your kitchen with a freestanding cabinet that will offer visual appeal. Something classic will add interest and become a much valued focal point in your kitchen.Choose a piece in a complementary colour to work in your design scheme and embrace the added charm that a freestanding kitchen unit has to offer.

Save on Storage

Freestanding units also work to offer valuable storage space. In modern kitchens, where designs tend to focus on streamlined finishes and a minimalist approach, storage may be lacking. Add a full-length freestanding cabinet and ensure that your storage needs are met in style! Show off a display

These beautiful and bespoke display units are great for showcasing your prized crockery and glasses. With wide shelving options and glass doors, your precious items can take centre stage in your kitchen.

Affordable and versatile

Whether classic and traditional, or modern chic, a freestanding kitchen gives you the edge and freedom to change your look with unique cabinets that can easily be moved around to suit your changing needs. Forget about costly fixtures that you will be stuck with in years to come. Now you can pair your existing furniture with modern freestanding pieces to suit current trends.

And then, when it is time for change, you can easily swap out those pieces without a hefty financial burden in having to renovate the entire space. The fact that everything doesn’t ‘match’ means freestanding kitchens are often a more affordable option than fitted kitchens. They’re certainly more flexible too, and can evolve to fit in with your needs, rather than needing to be perfectly planned from the outset. We love this trend that is quickly making a mark in modern kitchen designs around the world.

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