Stelton: The Summer Collections

We may be facing winter in the southern hemisphere, but up north, the rest of the world is gearing up for a memorable summer. We can certainly imagine ourselves into a warmer space with the beautiful summer collections from Stelton. With so much to look forward to, we can certainly start to plan our own summer 2019 quests…

Stelton suggests that you always have a jug or carafe at hand, standing with cold water, so you will remember to hydrate your body, particularly on those warm summer days. Fill the jug with fresh mint leaves, cucumber or lemon slices which look decorative and give the water a nice, fresh taste…or how about a glass of delicious, freshly squeezed orange juice?

With a practical serving tray, a lovely jug and beautiful glasses, it is easy and quick to serve a refreshing drink when guests arrive. These gorgeous and bright serving suggestions from Stelton are ideal – the perfect accompaniment to a summer celebration.

Good new – Stelton has not left us out in the cold either. As part of their new collections, Stelton introduces a funky range of thermo cups and vacuum jugs in trending colours.

On The Go…

Perfect for your favourite drink on the way to the office or while travelling. The To Go Click cup has a state-of-the art ”smart click” function allowing you to open and close the cup easily with an easy push on the top. When the cup is closed it keeps your beverage warmer for longer due to the double walled thermo effect. Drink from the full 360 degrees of the cup as if there were no lid – it’s exactly the same as drinking from an ordinary cup.

A true Danish design icon

The classic EM77 jug remains one of Stelton’s best-selling designs and has over the years been launched in a wide spectrum of colours. The vacuum jug’s patented tilting top enables serving with just one hand. The jug is also delivered with a handy screw cap, which is ideal, if you want to bring the jug outdoors. The colours of the season are characterized by everything organic and natural. The Inspiration comes from the rosehips, the fruit of the wild roses, and from the cool shades of the pine trees.

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