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Dec 13, 2018

Spotlight: Contemporary Kitchens From Linear Concepts

Linear Concepts is an innovative company that combines contemporary design, experience in the industry, technical quality and craftsmanship with an exceptional overall production level.

“We design and manufacture for residential kitchens concentrating on carefully planning and creating realistic visual representations in the form of renders for the client to capture every idea,” – so explains Director Selma Zaifoglu.

Once a concept has been chosen, each and every detail is refined to the client’s satisfaction. This attention to detail is what makes the design and manufacture process pristine in every way.

“Our in-house designers in conjunction with our qualified architecture team can address a client’s individual style and needs,” she continues.

Clients have one on one specialised consultations and interactions attending to all project elements which makes the design process as enjoyable and easy as possible.

Rest assured Linear Concepts has the ability to make sure that all design, manufacture and fitting needs are catered for under one roof providing a full turn key service. Offering locally manufactured boutique kitchens as well as imported Italian Kitchens from Ernestomeda. This allows us to advise on a wide range of products, materials and appliances.

The Air-Door technology from Ernestomeda is specific as it filters the air entering the interior of the units, in conjunction the perimeter seal provides airtight door closure keeping dust at bay. Clever table mechanisms add interest and convenience to any tight space. These kitchens are specialised and exclusive in every way from material chosen to unit lighting. They offer technology which aim to impress anyone who walks into an Ernestomeda kitchen.

Linear Concepts’ expertise range across all different departments and they represent some of the leading appliance brands in South Africa such as Miele.

“Our partnership with the appliance brands allows us to be creative and expand the boundaries of what conventical is in the kitchen. We are constantly evolving and adapting to the market while remaining true to our European roots. We believe in long term design value which we achieve by selecting quality pieces and through timeless design.”

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