Splash out on Confidence and Colour with Bespoke Splashbacks

Now you can add colour, texture and confidence back into your most prized kitchen with a creative splashback to show off your unique personality. Shop the look from our top retailers, offering bespoke splashback solutions to suit the contemporary home. These will surely take your kitchen to a whole new level of sophisticated entertaining!

Never settle for dull and average kitchen finishes. If given the choice, always select something that resonates with your personality and will meet the requirements of your family. In the kitchen, a splashback is a very practical solution to help keep your walls clean, crisp and in tip top condition. Nobody wants to worry about stains, spills and dirt after preparing an enjoyable family feast. This is why you want to choose a splashback that will work for you and simultaneously add soul and creative flair to your kitchen space.

Take a look at some of the trending options available locally today:

GET THE LOOK with plaster from Cremcrete Plaster  and WOMAG and Black Gres

Neutral tones and finishes are timeless and will not age nearly as fast as a colour block or passing kitchen fad. Here you can get a beautifully elegant splashback-less wall, such as these stunning plastered features available from Cremcrete and Womag. Subtle sophistication goes a long way!

GET THE LOOK Glass Splash Back from Cohesion Interiors and Marble WOMAG

Looking for something different that will still offer you the functionality you need in the kitchen? Why not opt for a full glass splashback or a beautiful marble feature behind the kitchen sink or oven? Adding a different raw material ensures intrigue and texture in the space.

GET THE LOOK WITH Douglas Jones Eco Fabric  WOMAG   Marble

We also adore the use of modern mosaic tiles as an innovative splashback, adding intricate patterns and stylish design in the kitchen. For a more understated look, opt for Marble in muted tones to reflect a more natural tone.

GET THE LOOK: WOMAG Marble and Douglas Jones Avenger

Whatever your choice, do not be hasty – take your time and consider all the options. Today you will find a wide variety of quality finishes that could create the perfect splashback. From natural stone finishes, to plastered walls, glass or even intricate mosaic tiles, you can shop the perfect look with us here at SA Decor and Design.

Shopping Guide: WOMAGCemcrete, Douglas Jones,


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