Siemens Will Make You Believe You’re A Barista


We are in May and with winter literally on our doorstep, it is only natural that we would like to eat and drink a little more than usual. But if you are going to fill your cup with warm comfort it is best that you do this in style this winter.

Everyone can now be a Barista with Siemen’s Home Appliance’s brand-new freestanding coffee machine. This beautiful piece does not only offer a number of exciting functions but also looks sleek and stylish on any countertop.

The fully-automatic coffee machines are capable of preparing all major coffee creations. Café Latte, Latte Macchiato, Flat White, Espresso, Americano, Macchiato or Cappuccino are available at the touch of a button. Whatever your whim for a moment of coffee indulgence, your tastes will always be satisfied.

Never worry about cleaning the milk system again with our innovative steam blast feature. After every cup, the coffee machine automatically sends a high-pressure blast of steam through the milk system to remove excess liquid and ensure complete hygiene.

Siemens fully automatic coffee machines get the best out of every individual bean. It grinds the coffee finely and brews it fresh at the perfect temperature for the ultimate coffee indulgence.

Bean for bean – the best coffee experience out there!

Key features and benefits:
• Intelligent heater inside:
The sesoFlow System guarantees maximum espresso indulgence every time, thanks to its ideal, constant brewing temperature.

• coffeeSelect Display:
Aromatic coffee and milk specialities can be selected and prepared by simply touching the sensor fields.

• Steam blast:
A fully-automatic steam cleaning after every beverage takes complete care of the daily cleaning of the milk system.

• Cappuccino:
Any coffee or milk speciality at the touch of a button – even two cups at the same time.

• Favourites:
Save your individual preferences for coffee and milk specialities and access them at any time.

Contact: Siemens Home Appliances.


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