Schmidt Kitchens: A Look At Kitchen Trends for 2018

The kitchen has become a central focal point for entertainment in the home. Besides a functional space, kitchens can also be beautiful, warm and inviting. Open concepts with clean lines and natural light are still highly recommended. Here we take a look at some of the latest trends in kitchen designs for 2018!



According to the experts at Schmidt Kitchens, the trends that are continuing into 2018 for summer boast a white and grey palette. White/grey cabinets mixed with wooden/laminated countertops are still the top look for summer. Another trend still on top is Quartz. This hard-wearing countertop is still easy to maintain and wears well in your kitchen. The colours that are so popular is the Raw Concrete and Pure White colours. There are very stylish colours available to go with every choice of cabinetry. Smart kitchens are now trendier than ever. With the current water crisis we are facing in Cape Town it is essential to have smart taps fitted with sensors that limit the amount of water you use. You can install the light fixtures that are linked to your phone which allows you easy access. Refrigerators that alert you when your groceries are running low. Your coffee machine can be programmed to make your coffee for you when you wake up in the morning – how convenient! In terms of global trends, we are seeing a ‘live kitchen concept’ coming to Cape Town thanks to Schmidt Kitchens. The new beautiful mezzanine kitchen will be used to cook meals and entertain guests and Schmidt Kitchen will have chefs hosting cooking classes as well as social events. This is a first in South Africa and an exciting step for Schmidt Kitchens. As a responsible business, Schmidt Kitchens also aims to do their part to lessen water usage during Cape Town’s ongoing drought. “We buy our drinking water and wash our dishes in a bucket which then gets reused for our toilet. We also have the cistern that uses less water when flushed. We encourage all Capetonians to please be water wise!”  

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