Schmidt Kitchen Trends Forecast 2018

We chatted to the innovators from Schmidt about the trends to look forward to in kitchen designs for the seasons ahead. Here is what they had to say:

Grey is the New White As one of the kitchen industry’s leading manufacturers, Schmidt believes that while white cabinets continue to be tops, grey is the shade that will break into white’s top spot. This kitchen pairs soft grey marble cabinets with wooden cabinets showcasing yet another kitchen trend — combining cabinet colours is a trendy look that’s holding strong.

Maximise Storage Space Kitchen storage is always an issue, especially for smaller kitchens short on space. To resolve this, Schmidt have 70cm deep drawers to accommodate your extra items; as well as internal drawers within your drawer cabinet which really maximises your storage.

Save Money With a Look-Alike Countertops will always be an important component of any kitchen adding to its elegance and style, but they do not need to be a budget buster. At Schmidt you will find laminated worktops in various finishes and thicknesses to accommodate your taste. From a marble look-alike to a wooden finish. Unlike previous laminate countertops, these newer variations feature a more realistic look with rounded or square edges for a modern defined look. What is trending is mixing your countertop material, for instance, a Wooden Laminate look with a Quartz countertop.

Flexible Palette Keeping your palette neutral allows you to personalize your kitchen and lets it reflect your style. Your accessories, lights and chairs all reflect your personal style.

Accessories Think style and simplicity. Schmidt loves accessories for your Kitchen that make everyday living a little less complicated!

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