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Jun 23, 2017

Scavolini and Diesel: The Social Kitchen

In many homes, the kitchen is the one space in which the family comes together to enjoy good food and conversation. Scavolini in partnership with Successful Living from Diesel has introduced a whole new kitchen experience – a design that encourages interaction and culinary expertise. This gives life to a new concept where the kitchen transforms into an environment where it is natural to associate culinary pleasure with the pleasure of relating.

It is this idea of a “Social Kitchen” that is celebrated. It is a space that expands with intelligence and ergonomics, that surprises you as much by its design as by the study and the quality of its materials. The perfect place to socialize and express your personal style. If the kitchen is the heart of the home, then these dreamy kitchen designs are the perfect accompaniment to any modern residence. Successful Living from Diesel in collaboration with Scavolini, gave rise to an extremely modern modular design, yet one featuring a distinctly vintage spirit in its materials, treatments and finishes – always an intrinsic part of Diesel’s DNA. The kitchen is therefore not only a practical environment, but also makes room for social entertainment: thus two iconic brands implement a shared desire for a project where design meets with informality. The Diesel Social Kitchen has been built not only with modular individual elements, but also on separate modules that can be freely assembled. The MISFITS collection best represents this aspect of the project, flaunting a line of free-standing, non-modular objects that graft into the kitchen, like trolleys, tables and storage units. In stylistic terms, what defines the character of the new project are the important volumes and natural, essential materials – aged using special vintage treatments – such as wood, steel and glass worked with metal. The doors feature the choice of oak, worked in a way that ensures a visible, tactile natural knotted effect. Glass doors are also available, proposed with a metallic mesh for a pleasant “retro” effect. The different handle types are also important, again in a used-effect metal, like the “American” style handle that defines the refrigerator door. The idea is to create an ambiance with a “lived-in” feel, that takes an ironic mix of vintage soul with details inspired by industry. Read more here.

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