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Jan 5, 2018

Personalise Your Kitchen With Stunning Accessories

The kitchen is probably the one place in your home where functionality wins every time, but this does not mean that this space needs to be boring and impersonal. On the contrary, a gorgeous kitchen will inspire you to create even greater mealtime memories in an environment that you love.

Think colour, finishes, accent pieces and functional items to add to your style. Here’s our roundup of kitchen favourites and essentials, now in store. Don’t miss out on these fabulous finds to bring a touch of glam to your own kitchen this summer! Forget dull, sterile and uninviting kitchen spaces. Create your own distinct kitchen with gorgeous accessories to personalise your space and bring a touch of magic to this otherwise dull space. Here’s what you need to consider:

  • Make a statement with bold accessories and appliances such as a gorgeous Smeg Toaster in a vibrant shade of red. Colour will add energy to your kitchen space so reinvent your kitchen with bursts of interesting shades that you love.
  • Quality cutlery is a must! Always! Not only will this add instant appeal to your kitchen but it will also add a sense of luxury at every meal time. We recommend Nicholson Russell for a supreme range of quality cutlery.
  • Storage is king in the kitchen. Have an open wall space? How cool is this Dream Box Shelf by Eleven Past! Trendy and functional in one easy piece!
  • Functional items such as a refuse bin can be stylish. Check out the stylish black pedal bin by Weylandts.
  • Need a quick revamp of your kitchen? Start by upgrading your coffee mugs! Eleven Past has a trendy range on offer to bring some colour and energy to your kitchen!

1 and 3 Eleven Past  2, 9  and 11  La Grange Interiors,  4 and 7  SMEG,  5. 8 and 10 Weylandts,  6. Nicolson Russell 

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