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Jun 21, 2017

Overcome the 4 most common kitchen design mistakes

Whether you are having a party, a braai or simply just a family meal together, the kitchen is truly the heart of the home. This is often the space in which people gather and commune over food, conversation and good times. Experts also agree that the kitchen is often one of the more important areas considered during the purchase of a home. If the kitchen is lacking in terms of layout, design and finishes, it may be harder to sell.

Here we take a look at some common kitchen design problems to help you strike the right balance in your own home.

Counter space is Vital

In order to have a functional kitchen you will love, you may agree that counter space is very important in order to have ample room to prepare meals. Nobody likes a cramped kitchen with minimal storage and limited counter space. Planning adequate counter space is one way to reduce the need to redesign your kitchen in the future, as not having enough is an issue that comes up time and time again when people discuss what they would change in the design of their kitchen spaces. The Working Triangle

Traditionally, the location of the sink, refrigerator and stove is known as a working triangle. Even though the traditional working triangle is still in use today, the items that form the triangle may differ slightly. For instance, microwaves are used as much, if not more than a stove. We also see more cooktops and ovens located in different parts of the kitchen. This, therefore, needs to be factored in when designing a kitchen.

There are more appliances in kitchens today, leading to the working triangle evolving into various other kitchen work zones, where each zone focuses on a particular device or task. Having a well thought out work zone that includes all the appliances used most often, will make the drabbest looking kitchen functional and a more comfortable place to prepare meals. Space is key so there is ample room to move about without people getting in the way of one another. Storage

In a functional kitchen, storage is king. You will need ample space to pack away appliances, crockery and all your kitchen gadgets, without having your space seem cluttered and untidy. Always opt for ample storage space in the design of your kitchen – and think about what you will need in future in case you are thinking about purchasing those new pots and pans that will soon need a home in your kitchen too! Lighting

Never overlook lighting when you are designing a kitchen. It is best to have too much lighting rather than not enough. Perhaps you will need task lighting in the areas where you will work often – over countertops or under cabinets. Perhaps you will need task lighting in the areas where you will work often – over countertops or under cabinets. Think about the different areas in your kitchen where you will be standing as you prepare meals. Is there enough lighting here to help you achieve the task? Cutting with a sharp knife, in a room with insufficient lighting, is simply not recommended!


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