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May 16, 2019

Organise Your Life with BLUM SA

Organisation is made easy with the help of  BLUM SA innovative cabinetry solutions. Now you can keep order in your kitchen and find peace of mind that everything has a prized place in your home.

TDBX antaro white drawers

Drawer organisers are the ideal way to create order out of chaos and help to find your items easily. De-clutter your drawers and optimise the available storage space by finding the perfect drawer organisers to fit your drawers and suit your lifestyle.

Without Organisation

Drawers without inner-dividing systems / organisers are always untidy, making it very difficult to find the items you need easily. You’ll need to scratch through countless items and create even more chaos in your drawers in order to find the one item you need.

With Organisation

Drawers with inner-dividing systems / organisers are neat and tidy, allowing you to see the contents and find the item you need without any hassle. Saving you time and sanity as your drawers remain in tip top condition.

Internal drawer organisers can help you keep things in place – from big pots and pot lids stored separately, to a drawers full of utensils, spices, bottles and more. Eclipse has a product that offers a solution for organisation in these key areas.

Here are some of our favourite products to help you organise your life, from Eclipse:


The ORGA-LINE inner dividing system has high-quality stainless steel containers and utensil dividers that provide clear visibility and easy access to all contents. Sets can be flexibly arranged in drawers, and items are organised and kept safe. The containers can be easily removed and are designed for dishwasher use. Perfect for storing cutlery and utensils.

ORGA-LINE stainless steel containers for cutlery.

ORGA-LINE dividers create compartments to store pots neatly and lids and cooking utensils separately. ORGA-LINE spice holders can be kept in a drawer, used on the worktop or stored in a wall cabinet.

ORGA-LINE stainless steel containers for cutlery.


AMBIA-LINE brings practical functionality to everyday applications. AMBIA-LINE’s minimalist look harmonises beautifully with LEGRABOX, the elegant box system whose drawer sides are slim and straight.


The AMBIA-LINE bottle holder stores bottles securely to prevent them from toppling over.

AMBIA-LINE bottle holder

If you’re looking for innovative ways to organise the kitchen, be sure to find the latest innovations available from BLUM SA 


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