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Jul 9, 2017

The online BLUM Zone Planner makes kitchen planning a breeze

Are you considering a kitchen remodel? Before you start envisioning a new layout with modern finishes, you should probably plan the space according to functionality and consider your storage needs. Eclipse proudly brings you the BLUM Zone Planner, an ideal online tool for visualising your personal storage space needs before you even start planning your kitchen.

The truth is that there are two sides to every kitchen: the inside and the outside. Even if you know exactly how you want your cabinets to look on the outside, do you know how they will function inside? Two out of three people realise too late that they do not have enough storage space in their new kitchen. While we all have the same basic storage needs in the kitchen (food, dishes, silverware, pots and pans, etc.), what makes each kitchen unique are the priorities and quantities of those storage items.   Use the BLUM Zone Planner to think about what items you need to store in your kitchen as well as the individual quantities of those items. Storage goods have been separated into five consumer-created zones: Consumables, non-consumables, cleaning, preparation and cooking zones – to help organise your kitchen for optimum workflow. Print off your results along with Blum’s functional cabinet solutions so you can be well prepared to meet with your kitchen designer and one step closer to a more efficient, comfortable kitchen.

The online tool also offers some practical tips with a few kitchen examples for you, which serve to demonstrate what effect the size of a kitchen has on the items to be stored there. Visit the BLUM Zone Planner online to make planning your kitchen easy. Simply select your storage items, specify the quantity and hey presto! You’ll get a list of all your storage items, ideas on how to organise interiors and some practical cabinet solutions.   For more information visit www.eclipsegroup.co.za.

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