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May 3, 2018

Numatic: Here’s Why Your Space is Always Dusty

Nobody likes a dusty space. Besides the feeling that your home is simply not clean, a dusty room is also no good on your sinuses and could flare up allergies and unwanted illness. But there may be a few added reasons why your home is always dusty. Let’s start with a closer look at your dusting tools and methods!

Are you dusting the right way?

In order to eliminate dust, you need to clean from the top down. If not, you’re simply moving dust around without actually cleaning up the mess. As a result, your home will still feel dusty, no matter how much effort you are putting in!

Aim to start at the cornices of your room and work your way down the walls toward the floors. Dust ceiling fans and light fixtures first before you move to a lower level such as table lamps and side tables and continue to work your way down to the flooring.


Instead of a fuzzy feather duster with no real dusting potential, reach for an electrostatic or microfiber duster. This way, unwanted dust will stick to the duster and you won’t simply be repositioning the dirt.

Finish up your dusting session with a good vacuum clean of your floors. Ensure that you invest in a quality vacuum that can be used to clean all those intricate nooks around your home. Numatic has a wide variety of quality vacuum cleaners available to meet your needs.

Just a few simple tricks may help you beat dust once and for all.

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