Meet Franke Ambassador Nadia Damaso

Nadia Damaso is a 22-year-old food artist best known for her delicious food blog called “Eat Better Not Less “ where she shares healthy, wholesome and easy recipes that anyone can make at home.

Nadia’s Journey

Nadia grew up surrounded by snow in the mountains of Switzerland close to the ski resort town of St. Moritz. Cooking was always her passion and Nadia recalls being around 10 when she created and cooked her first recipe! She grew up competitive cross-country skiing which she did for almost 10 years until at age 15 she sustained an injury and decided to stop competing.

At 16 years old she moved to Canada for 6 months on a Student Exchange Program. It was during this time that she attended cooking classes and also entered a cooking competition which to her surprise she won!

But from being a competitive sports woman who was exercising regularly, she returned from her time in Canada around 10kg’s heavier and knew she had to change something. “I simply didn’t feel good in my own skin anymore. But since I love food and diets are certainly not my friend and never will be, I had to make a lifestyle & mind-set change. Get my mind and body into that healthy, balanced lifestyle, treat myself with nourishing food” explains Nadia.

She started exercising again, started experimenting with superfoods to replace sugary treats and quickly saw results. And most importantly, she started to feeling more energised overall!

Nadia’s Following

At 18 years old Nadia posted her first food pic on Instagram and it received about 35 likes. She did the same the next day. And the next. One month later she had 10,000 followers and positive comments on her food images from all over the world! After about three months and over 30,000 people already following her on Instagram, she created her first website.

The following year Nadia published over 100 recipes in her first cookbook “Eat Better Not Less ”. After 3 months over 14,000 copies were sold and “Eat Better Not Less” didn’t only become the Nr.1 bestseller in the section “cookbooks” but over a short space of time it became the Nr.1 bestseller of all books sold in Switzerland.

Her way of eating was completely new to the Swiss people at the time and everybody wanted to know who Nadia Damaso is! It was around this time Nadia also began her exciting collaboration with Franke as their Brand Ambassador.

“What both FRANKE and I have in common- we want to “Make it Wonderful!”

On her website Nadia explains: “Is there anything better than to be able to cook in an amazing kitchen with amazing kitchen appliances? Not for a cookbook author like me haha! 😉 I’m very happy to have FRANKE as a partner on my side. All of the recipes in my second book are cooked, poached, braised, boiled, grilled and baked exclusively in & on FRANKE products , which made the whole process for me so much more fun & super enjoyable! I feel very privileged to work with a world-wide-known & well respected brand like FRANKE!

If you want to be really inspired with recipes that are delicious and fun then you won’t go wrong following Nadia Damaso on her blog, Instagram or Facebook.

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