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Jul 15, 2018

Look Up and Add Overhead Storage To Your Kitchen

Make the most of your kitchen storage so that you have easy access to all the essentials you may need to fully enjoy meal preparations at home. Nothing is worse than having to scratch things out in other rooms or inside cluttered cupboards, all before you even begin to plan your meal. Overhead storage in the kitchen is ideal as it gives you instant access for when you need it most!

No matter the style of your kitchen, by simply maximising off-the-floor space for storage, you’re already creating a convenient and modern look. Such is the design in many modern kitchens and even professionals chefs use overhead kitchen storage as a functional concept in their kitchens.

From pots and pans suspended from the ceiling, to storing all kitchen utensils above head height, overhead storage is a great concept to help you fully utilise your kitchen space. Above a kitchen counter, or if your home boasts high ceilings, then overhead storage is the perfect solution.

We particularly love the look in loft style apartments and industrial chic kitchens. Create a contemporary ambience with the addition of copper pots and pans suspended from a concrete-look layer overhead. Add hooks that can be moved around and ensure that your kitchen becomes an enjoyable and functional space in which to work. You can even add lighting to these bulkheads to create a modern feel.

If you’re planning a kitchen remodel, then you should certainly not overlook this key concept. Overhead storage may be the storage solution you’ve been looking for!

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