Legrabox – Sleek kitchen design by Eclipse


Legrabox offers a minimalistic, straightforward, simple and elegant drawer solution that can work in just about any space within the home.

Clear design lines characterise the look of Legrabox along with the straight interior and exterior side panels. The new design supports current living trends and opens up a wide range of design options. The sides are slim at 12.8mm thick and all three sides are uniform. Legrabox forms part of the Blum range of products available locally through Eclipse. Blum is world renowned for exceptional design and superior quality of motion and Legrabox is no exception. It is versatile in its application as a drawer, inner drawer, high-fronted pull-out or inner pull-out. With a new type of runner system, Legrabox provides an even higher quality of motion. The synchronised smooth running action increases comfort of motion and ensures a new level of runner smoothness and quality. The integrated Blumotion closes silently and effortlessly every time – perfectly tuned to the nominal lengths and load bearing classes. An inner dividing system, Ambia-line, has been specially tailored to match the Legrabox design. Together, this offers stability and is suitable for wide and heavy pull-outs. It can be used in the kitchen, bathroom, living room or even as part of a shop display. Eclipse has been in business for 30 years and has established itself as a leading supplier of Blum products. Eclipse offers a diverse range of related products including kitchen accessories; knobs and handles; contemporary chairs and tables for the commercial and domestic industry.

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