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Taste the Magic With Nicolson Russell Designer Cutlery & The Ultimate Table Setting Ideas

Celebrate in style with gorgeous dinnerware and designer cutlery from Nicolson Russell. You can now add a touch of sophistication to your next dining experience and implement some of our top table setting ideas to make a lasting impression at home. 

Here we give you a taste of magic with a few top tips to set the perfect dining table.

Space is key

Ensure that your chairs are packed in a way that ensures ample space between your guests. To do so, you need to know the exact amount of people who will be attending and plan accordingly. You don’t want to create the wrong impression with a cramped table setting, so get the spacing right the first time and all else will flow from there!

Tablecloths and Placemats

Ensure that you have the right sized tablecloth to suit your table. Whether round, square or rectangle, the right tablecloth will keep things neat and orderly. Invest in quality tablecloths that will become a worthy asset on your table.

If you’re using placemats, ensure that these are adequately spaced and that there is one for every guest. Place these about 5cm above the table’s edge so that they are not too far back and inconvenient to your guests.

Where’s my fork?

You want to get the order right the first time and impress your mother-in-law with your table etiquette and setting skills. So remember, forks go on the left and knives and spoons on the right of your plates. Remember that your knives should face inward, that means that the sharp point should face the plate.

This may sound simple but double check that all your cutlery is clean and smudge-free! Want to make a real statement? Nicholson Russell offers a contemporary collection of bespoke designer cutlery that is sure to impress!

Lastly, place your glasses

The last thing to add is your glasses, which are typically placed in the right top section of your setting. Ensure that there is one per guest and that there is a range available if you are offering various beverages, such as wine, water or juice.

Nicholson Russell design, manufacturer and import designer cutlery from around the world. Find out more by visiting their website and don’t miss out as they exhibit at SARCDA this August!

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