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Italian Lifestyle: The New Gaggia Milano

Ever since the first espresso shot was poured in an Italian coffee-bar in 1884, the diminutive drink has inspired a love affair with generations of connoisseurs and coffee artisans all over the world. And after Achille Gaggia’s revolutionary invention in 1938, espressos were now served with a sublime crema layer.

Few would argue that the best things in life are the simple pleasures. And there’s no better way to kick yourself awake each day with a shot of espresso before heading out the door to work – or play. It’s a tradition for some. An obsession for others. And a science.

It’s a process that requires patience, precision and practice, plus barista knowledge and the best equipment. But master the mechanics and develop the skill, and creating the espresso Perfetto will soon become a sacred daily ritual. Like the Italians do it. With passion. And with love…

Gaggia’s manual machines are ideal for the burgeoning baristas and artisan brewers who demand only the best at home – in terms of taste, presentation and preparation. Although equipped with professional features, the rest is up to you. Choose the blend of coffee beans, select the perfect grind, add the correct amount of coffee, tamp it down and adjust every step until you create the perfect crema. Just like frothing the milk, it requires skill and patience – and being a perfectionist helps. But master the skills and there’s nothing more rewarding than enjoying this daily ritual at home like a real barista.

Tration meets timeless design in the Gaggia Classic, a best-selling stainless steel Expresso machine adored by coffee aficionados around the world. The professional group with chromed brass filter-holder ensure the same delicious results you can expect in an upmarket coffee bar.

Italian Lifestlye now stock the Gaggia Milano range.

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