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Eclipse: Learn to Serve Meals Like a Pro

We’re all for making meal times easier and thanks to Blum, you can now do just that and serve your food like a professional with the new Blum Plate holder available through Eclipse.

Carry stacked plates and serve your scrumptious meals like a professional with the Blum plate holder. This nifty gadget can hold up to 12 plates at once and can adjust to different sizes – from 180mm to 320mm size plates. This means you can serve up meals faster and more efficiently. No more waiting for meals or the worry that your food will be served cold. The Blum Plate holder takes care of this and more! Your family and friends will thank you!

The carrying handles make it easy to carry plates to the dining table, patio or terrace. There is no need to worry about dropping any plates as the stacked plates are securely held in place.

Recommended retail price: R1495.00 each

Dimensions: height 170mm / diameter 186-322mm

Available from the following Eclipse branches: Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg and Port Elizabeth.

Contact: 0861 eclipse (325 4773) or visit Eclipse for more info.

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